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Premier Executive Peer-to-Peer Network



We organize  peer networks composed of leaders (8 - 12 members) in similar roles and from various organizations and backgrounds.  They meet regularly and discover implementable and practical best practices, receive challenging input from peers, hear directly from industry leaders and offer peers their input.  We do the organizing and preparation of each peer group to assure each gets the most out of their membership.


Peer networks are uniquely created with leaders of similar positions, roles, interests, challenges,  with varying perspectives and from different companies.  Each peer network meets online twice each month to explore topics of importance, share experiences, receive ideas on how to deal with pressing issues in an environment of trust and openness.  All sessions are professionally facilitated. No one, including members, are permitted to market product or services to others.


Members develop by discovering first hand lessons and experiences from peers and knowledge leaders.  Most  members are looking for a way to develop which does not waste time or take time away from friends and family.  Most workshops, classes, conferences offered these days are generic and provide nothing new to use and take home, unlike ExecuGrowth which is relevant and personal.  In addition to one's personal and professional development, our peer members share and apply learning to their organizations. This increases profitability, growth and overall performance of their business.

A Superior Learning and Development Environment

We live in a dynamic and ever-changing world.  Executives and entrepreneurs know the importance of growing their knowledge and skills, staying up on best practices or trends and the need for being challenged on their current thinking. But this takes time and resources which is a precious commodity in most organizations.  Most are sacrificing time they would rather be spending with friends and family.
When it comes to professional and personal growth, there are many options, taking formal classes, reading books, corporate mentor-ships, associations or conferences that cannot adapt to one's specific development needs.  While these options may have some value, nothing is more valuable than a high quality and relevant peer to peer network.  A peer network creates a trusting environment where members learn from each other with an implied accountable for assisting in each other with their  growth.  A diverse peer network of members with similar challenges, creates a superior learning and development environment, both professionally and personally.