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Once You Become A Member
Twice Monthly Video Meetings

The goal of each meeting is connect with your Peer Growth Team that is dedicated toward holding each other accountable for the support and growth of each Team member.  At each meeting we aim to understand the core challenges of the Team members, get up to date on where they are on their growth journey, and hold each other accountable for their progress.  Each Team member is eager to support, challenge and assist the others to meet their personal goals. 


It all begins with your first on-line video meeting with your peers. We always start on time and end on time. The meeting starts with a “reconnect” time.  This is a time for you to “catch up” with other members and new members.   This is a checkpoint to see who is in the meeting and what might be on their minds. Each member rates their stress level, happiness and overall health.


Some topics for discussion are usually decided at the previous meeting.  Topics are prioritized by the team utilizing four possible sources:  1) summary of the team member’s interests (from the joining process), 2) tabled topics from previous meetings, 3) topics other groups have selected and 4) topics raised in our meeting discussions.

The discussion topic may be “teed up” by one of several ways: 1) team facilitator provides a short explanation of the topic and what aspect will be discussed, 2) team member describes it, or 3) an outside knowledge leader provides background of examples and insights.


We always save time for problem solving for our member's specific issues.  Your peer group is here to help you work through the things that keep you up at night.  We will get to the root of the problem quickly and offer possible actions to address the root causes. They will hold you accountable and inquire about what actions you took to resolve the problem. No one gets off easy.  That’s why we are all here.


In addition to hosting our two meetings each month, we provide additional support throughout the weeks to help accomplish your goals. We can offer one-to-one coaching, live webinars or call special sub-group meetings with your peers or you can use our library of recorded webinars. We look for touch points in between meetings which can help you stay on track with your goals.  Since this is not a formal meeting, we do not take “minutes” of meetings. We provide a documented summary of the meeting’s highlights.