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The Application Process

Getting Started

Fill out the Membership Application

The first step is to tell us about yourself and your goals by filling out our membership application form.  This helps us understand a little bit more about you and what you want to achieve with your peer to peer network.  It helps us find the best peer to peer network group for you.  Follow the link here to download the form.

Let's Talk

Once we have your membership form we will set up a short call to get to know you a little better.  Once you join a peer to peer group, you will have regular discussions with your group guide to ensure you are getting the most out of your experience.  This is the start of that relationship.  It also helps us to ensure we are designing the right peer to peer group for you

Get Started

Once you are assigned a peer to peer group and have paid the membership fee, you will have access to all the ExecuGrowth resource tools and membership only information.  We will get you introduced to your group and you are off and running,